My Comforter

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My Comforter

Cold and dark in the middle of the night
My soul waits in anguish for You.
I seek You, and You are with me.
You hold me gently with your Spirit,
You cradle me with your love--
I come before You, You surround me,
And carry me through my fears and pain.
My Comforter, My Friend--
The Savior of my life.
Thank you, LORD, for the pain that
Brings me closer to You,
Thank You, LORD, for the morning
That sends a new day, a fresh start.
You are truly the Joy of my life.
My Friend, My Best Friend, My LIFE.

Cheryl Togashi

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Author's Comments on "My Comforter"
I wrote this because I realized that in my deepest pain, that the LORD God Almighty is with me, never letting me go. He is my everything!

2005-08-08 13:20:04

Author: Cheryl Togashi
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