Stillness of the Night

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Stillness of the Night

When the stillness of the night
Overwhelms the joy in my heart
I seek Your face, Oh God.

Can You hear my heart?
Can You see inside my mind?

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

You know all about me, LORD
And still You love me.

When the brightness of the morning
Sheds light on the darkness of my soul,
Please rain upon me the strength of Your love.

Give me a peace within, and a joy from beginning to end.

I love you, LORD.

Cheryl Togashi
July 9, 1995

Cheryl Togashi

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Author's Comments on "Stillness of the Night"
I wrote this poem when I was spending many nights with insomnia being my friend. Somehow, still, in the early morning hours, I love the quietness of the house, leading me into the new day. It gives me hope and strength!

2005-08-23 13:10:24

Author: Cheryl Togashi
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