Advent Prayer

Submitted By: Magik

Oh, let us turn away from noise,
The clamor of the day,
To rest in solitude with Him;
Our blessings to survey.
Oh, let our inner joy release
Our carol to The King,
To worship Him, to feel the touch
Of Heavenly angel's wing.
May we escape the tinseled trees,
The gifts that soon expire,
To see the glory of God's way
That meets our soul's desire.

Oh, let us pause to contemplate
Each priceless happening;
Children's laughter, tender words...
The daily "little things."
Oh, may we feel our brother's need,
His inner plea for peace,
Promote good will, and sacrifice
God's Kingdom to increase.
Oh, let our celebration be
A tribute to The One
Who is The Father's Gift to us,
His Own Begotten Son.

Author: Anna Lee Edwards McAlpin
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