Where Do We Go From Here

Submitted By: Eisa

Where should the both of us go from here?
How can four years end without shedding a tear?
How do we raise our child to be the best?
Even when life puts her faith to the test
How can we teach her to be better than we?
If we donít believe how is she supposed to see?
How did we loose track of the love we shared?
How can I act as if I never cared?
The love we felt doesn'tít disappear
But our pathsí never meeting again is my fear.
We need this time to see who we are
We canít give up, we have come this far
Better off we will be
If we take this time seriously
If the love we have is strong enough
Then the road weíll travel wonít seem so rough.

Author: Melisa R. Lopez
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