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Questions & Answers

  • Where can I get the 40 colors full list?   By: ada_yiu (30-Oct-14) Helpful Question?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This question has been reported. Thank you!
    • The Prima-40 Piece Calk Edger Colors include:
      Black Coal
      Cold foot petals
      Colts foot Stemens
      Rusty Keys
      Raspberry Pie
      Blossom Bud
      Rose Bud
      Turquoise Stone
      Cold Ice
      Blue Jay
      Farmer Jeans
      Vintage Pink
      Old Rose
      Blossom Tree
      Sweet Pea
      Brick Wall
      Teal Demask
      English Ivy
      Summer Field
      Garden Grass
      Moss Lawn
      Olive Vine
      Rock Moss
      Lime Pie
      Old Road
      Worn Jeans
      Tin Can
      Attic Dust
      Shabby Tote
      Dry Sand
      Teak Wall
      Rusty Bucket
      Knotted Wood
      Dark Rust
      Branch Bark
      Dark Bark By: Paula K (30-Oct-14) Helpful Answer?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This Answer has been reported. Thank you!
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