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Product Questions for Ranger Ink - Inkssentials - 8.5 x 11 Cardstock Pack - Watercolor

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Questions & Answers

  • I used regular card stock paper for making a card and I used water color and to my dismay the colors bled to the inside of my card ..can I use this make my own cards and watercolor and it will not bleed through?? Thank you for your help...mary   By: mary1938 (11-Mar-16) Helpful Question?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This question has been reported. Thank you!
    • From my (limited) experience, watercolours really do need watercolour paper. Even I, a very amateur papercrafter and watercolourist, have noticed significant differences in the way that watercolours move on low-quality watercolour paper vs high-quality watercolour paper. Watercolour paper is very thick, and able to take on the amount of water that is applied. It will not bleed through.
      I cut pieces of watercolour paper to regular card size, then attach to a regular cardstock card base - this saves my nice watercolour paper.
      Try Canson XL or higher, Strathmore 400 Series or higher, or Arches papers. Some people love this Inkssentials Watercolour paper but I have never used it; others like Strathmore Bristol board. Play around and see the different ways that different papers move watercolours!
      Happy crafting! By: Laphrena (12-Mar-16) Helpful Answer?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This Answer has been reported. Thank you!
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