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Product Questions for Therm O Web - iCraft - Repositionable Adhesive - Pixie Spray For Stencils - 3.8 Ounces

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Questions & Answers

  • How do you clean this Pixie spray off stencil? How do you store stencils if the is a re-useable stencil spray?   By: irmacarol (16-Apr-19) Helpful Question?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This question has been reported. Thank you!
    • Micro-Scientific Goo Gone Topical and Surface Adhesive Remover sold on Amazon --- This is what you need to remove the adhesive off your stencils! I can guarantee it will work! THIS STUFF WORKS MIRACLES! There’s nothing else even close to it on the market. It’s a bit expensive for one bottle but you only need a tiny bit to get the job done and believe me if you need to get something off, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! It comes with just a cap on top but I like to screw a sprayer to the top of it and use it as a spray. Just spray the adhesive/stencil once or twice depending on how big the area is and let it sit for about 10 minutes - it will not ruin your stencils as it’s also meant to be used to get medical grade adhesive off your skin and is therefore very gentle yet extremely effective! Then after 10 minutes, spray one more spritz on a paper towel (this is key) and start rubbing the adhesive off! It will come off EFFORTLESSLY! This trick works for any and ALLLLL adhesives I’ve used. So much so, that I also used it to CUT GREASE on my beautiful cherry wood cabinets that my last tenants had left A DISASTER of 2 inch thick grease on!!! This solution was THE ONLY thing that not only cut through the grease, but took minutes to begin dissolving it and allowing me to start wiping it off effortlessly! Please beware, the solution is extra oily, meaning it's not ideal to use on an existing project if you're trying to remove adhesive from any type of paper, as the oil will definitely stain and ruin it. Good luck, I really hope this can help anyone who is struggling to get anything sticky off anything that's not supposed to be! By: Jenbean13 (25-Nov-20) Helpful Answer?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This Answer has been reported. Thank you!

    • I just saw on the Hedgehog Hollow that you can put them on freezer paper to reuse over and over again. I store my stencils similarly in a 6x8 binder and pocket sleeve. By: Tigger68 (22-May-19) Helpful Answer?  Yes  |  No Thank you! Report Inappropriate This Answer has been reported. Thank you!
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