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  • Really Useful for Beginners (21-Dec-07)

    I have the "handy pocket size" version of this same color wheel. It's exactly the same except about half the diameter. I saw this used on a scrapbooking show on cable, and, I had to have it! As a beginner, one of the first challenges is to pick colors for a layout that work well together. With this color wheel, you can pick out one, two, or three additional colors to go with your original choice of color, and, it's very easy. The wheel comes with instructions, too. You'd be surprised how beautiful the color combinations are. There is no way, as a beginner, that I would ever have thought of even a fraction of these color combinations, and, it's like having a warranty. You are guaranteed that if you picked the colors to use together by using the Color Wheel, they *will* go together beautifully!

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