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    Must Try (21-Jul-07)

    The first time I used this product I wasn't sure about it at all. But I gave it another try and found out it's very cool. The trick with glitter glaze is to use it on something that is white if you want a light effect or something that is the same color as the glaze you are using. When I first tried it, I used it on plain chipboard (the brownish color) and it looked dreadful. The glaze itself appears to be very thick and heavy when you sqeeze it out of the tube, but in fact it is rather transparent which is why it doesn't look good on anything that is cardboard colored or a different color than the color of the glaze itself. A couple of tips: work kind of quickly because it dries pretty fast; if you try to spread it around too much it starts to remove the glitter or clump it up; and finally, be sure to rinse your brush out immediately and use a little soap or you will never get all the glitter out of your brush (and if you use a foam brush like I do, the foam will become hard and inflexible). Once you learn all the tips to using this glaze, it is wonderful. I love the effect it gives the finished items.

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    Used in this layout: wink

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