Baseball Coach/Team Parent Quotes

You Really Hit A Grand Slam As Our Team Dad/Mom/Parent!

We Sure Caught A Winner!...You're A Real Catch!

You Deserve the MVP...You're An All-Around Winner!

Bases Loaded, 2 Outs and You're The One That We'll Always Want To Have In Our Corner!...
Just Our Little Way Of Saying Thank You So Much For All That You Have Done!

You Sure Came Through For Us While At Bat!...Thanks For Stepping Up To The Plate!

T - Thanks for
E - Everything You Did
A - And for
M - Making Our Team Extra Great!

C - Caring
O - Outstanding Attitude
A - Always Being There
C - Carrying The Load
H - Helping Us On Our Way Here To Victory!

R - Really
B - Big
I - Inspiration!

M - Most
L - Loyal/Loved
B - Baseball Fan!

M - Memories
V - Valor
P - Precious Moments

MVP - Most Valued Parent!

Author: KellyCali