(Note: You will need to customize these for gender!)

JANUARY: "January (girls/boys) are a treasure, their warmth and kindness are beyond measure."

FEBRUARY: "February (girls/boys) are so sincere, kind hearted, sweet and dear."

MARCH: "March (girls/boys) are filled with courage, strong and wise they don't discourage."

APRIL: "April (girls/boys) show they care, with gentle souls they are rare."

MAY: "May (girls/boys) inspire us everyday, speaking joy in their special way."

JUNE: "June (girls/boys) follow their hearts, dreaming big sets them apart."

JULY: "July (girls/boys) embrace each day, celebrating life in every way."

AUGUST: "August (girls/boys) are wise and fair, their big hearts show they care."

SEPTEMBER: "September (girls/boys) are very smart, they live by following their heart."

OCTOBER: "October (girls/boys) won't hear no, they dream and imagine as they go."

NOVEMBER: "November (girls/boys) will go very far, they reach for each and every star."

DECEMBER: "December (girls/boys) know how to live, with kindness and charm they always give."

Author: Not known