Accepts each child as a unique individual
Believes in the ultimate worth of every child
Creates an atmosphere where learning is fun
Delights in each child’s accomplishments
Enables every child to learn at their own speed
Finds joy in teaching and interacting with students
Gives the best every single day
Hopes to make a positive difference in each child’s life
Instills a love of learning in every student
Joins in their work and their play
Keeps giving, whether or not anything is received in return
Lives the kind of life students can look up to
Makes memories
Notices when a student does something good
Opens up a whole new world
Praises, persuades, produces and protects
Quiets and calms
Respects children and parents alike
Sees the potential in each child
Teaches manners, social skills, patience, and acceptance along with a curriculum
Understands the reasons behind misbehavior
Values the importance of each child's family
Widens horizons
Yields great benefits one hug at a time
Zeroes in on each child’s needs and tries to meet them

You’re everything a teacher should be

Author: Unknown