Love is very unconditional. Love is never right or wrong. You cannot force love or create it when it's not meant to be. You cannot even destroy it when it's destined to survive. Sometimes two people meet by fate. Love doesn't ask "WHY" for its a reason itself. Love doesn't ask "WHAT IF" for its willing to risk it all. Love doesn't ask "UNTIL WHEN" for it knows only forever. So, never waste an opportunity to say what you feel to someone you really like/love because its not everyday you meet a person who has the "MAGIC" to let your heart smile & make you fall in love! THINGS BOUND TO HAPPEN FOR A REASON. Oftentimes, we fall for the wrong person & fool for the right one but because GOD is SO good, he gives us signs that can help us realize things & lessons to learn from our experiences. Remember, you will "NEVER" know what love is all about unless you give it a try... if its not worth for you, then MOVE ON. Don't act as if you will die when some1 leaves you... coz is Love is always around..

Author: halis angel -richelle-