March 10, 2008

To Readers and Staff
It recently came to my attention after reading a gender based version of a quote I created a couple years ago, that it had become quite popular. However upon checking this site as well as other, I realized not only that some have used it for their own agenda, but none had given credit where due. So for the record, the quote “Never let someone be your priority, While you remain their option.” In fact, was written to a woman by a man.
A man in the northwest who goes by the nickname “Eye”. So if your going to use my quote, please don’t use it for gender based bias. And please give credit where due.
For proof of this I can only offer to you that you will not find this quote prior to roughly this time of year ( early spring ), of 2006. As that is when I created it and posted it in my profile.
Thank you
W. Ballinger / Eyelander

Author: Eyelander