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PhotoPlay - MVP Basketball Collection

If the MVP in your family is a basketball player, whether male or female, you will love this MVP Basketball collection designed by Becky Moore for PhotoPlay. This brightly colored collection is filled with basketballs, basketball hoops and shoes, 12" x 12" papers with journaling cards, stripes, and basketball words and phrases. There is one collection kit for males and one for females. There are also sticker sheets in this collection, again, one for males and one for females. On the sticker sheets, there are many of the same stickers on each, a border of basketballs, the MVP sticker, basketball players, the large words Hoop Dreams and Basketball, and more, but on the female sheet, there is a tag that says "I Know I Play Like a Girl, Try To Keep Up" whereas on the boy sticker sheet the tag is a basketball court. Whether male or female, they are all champions, and the Basketball Mom will be so proud to make her MVP projects with these wonderful MVP Basketball Kits from PhotoPlay. 

PhotoPlay - MVP Basketball Collection
MVP Basketball
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