Best Craft Organizer - K3 - Two 3 Inch and Two 2 Inch Storage Drawers for Ikea Kallax(Expedit) Unit

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The Best Craft Organizer K3 four drawer system is perfect for organizing 12 x 12 paper, dies, stamps, tools, adhesives, and so much more! With four drawers in 2" and 3" sizes (that we know you're going to fill up quickly!) you can really get organized and have a place for all your craft supplies!  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details

Are you ready for a genius storage solution for all of your craft supplies? Best Craft Organizer has you covered with a durable, versatile storage solution that is the perfect fit for your Ikea Kallax and Expedit cube systems!  

The Best Craft Organizer K3 four drawer system is perfect for organizing 12 x 12 paper, dies, stamps, tools, adhesives, and so much more! With four drawers in 2" and 3" sizes (that we know you're going to fill up quickly!) you can really get organized and have a place for all your craft supplies!


  • 2 side panels that measure 14" x 13" (labeled left and right)
  • 1 back panel that measures 13" x 13" (labeled top up)
  • 4 sets of plastic rails that break apart into 8 individual rails
  • 2 drawers that measure 13.25" x 12.25" x 3.5"
  • 2 drawers that measure 13" x 12" x 2.5"
  • Assembly instructions


  • Assembled, the storage system measures 13" x 14" x 13"
  • 2 drawers measure 2" in storage depth
  • 2 drawers measure 3" in storage depth

Don't settle for flimsy storage options when you can have a Best Craft Organizer storage drawer system instead! Each of the components of the storage drawer organizer is built with daily use and reliability in mind. The drawers and rails are both constructed out of thick, solid plastic, which means you don't have to worry about loading up on more craft supplies for storing in your drawers. And all the drawers have an easy-access grooved plastic handle which allows for simple gripping and sliding when you need a tool or accessory in a snap!

This 4-drawer system may come with some minor assembly required, but it will be worth it when you're sliding your perfect storage drawers into your cube system and excitedly filling each drawer with wonderful craft supplies and endless possibilities!

What Can You Store in Your K3 Storage Drawers?

  • 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
  • Layouts in progress
  • Ink pads and reinkers
  • Ephemera
  • Stickers
  • Scraps
  • Craft tools
  • Dies
  • Stamps
  • Adhesives
  • So much more!

Why are so many storage systems too small for storing 12 x 12 paper or layouts? Not this one! One of the best things about the Best Craft Organizer Storage Drawers is their size. You can easily stack full sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, or even layouts you have in progress without bending up or curving the edges. It's even a great place to delicately allow a layout to dry in case you're worried someone may bump or damage it while it's in progress.


  • Insert panels are made from 1/4" thick high-density particle board
  • Insert drawers are made with 1/8" high impact polypropylene plastic
  • Designed to fit flush in Ikea's Kallax and Expedit cube storage systems
  • Multiple configuration options for different drawer positions
  • Various Best Craft Organizer Storage Drawer products to mix and match and fill your Ikea cube system

Some of the best things in life come with some assembly required, but that means they're worth it! Not only does your Storage Drawer organizer come with step-by-step instructions, but we've made it even easier by walking you through it right here!

How to assemble your Best Craft Organizer:

  • Unload all the pieces from the box to get started.
  • Break apart the 4 sets of drawer rails down the middle until you have 8 individual rails. A small plastic piece will be discarded from the middle of each set.
  • Lay out your left and right panels (labeled left and right) to insert your rails. Your first rails will go in the very bottom position on each panel. Make sure they are inserted in the correct direction (an 'L' shape with the tabs on the rails pointing up).
  • You will know which are the left and right rails by lining up the pegs into the holes. The rail should not protrude past the panel edge. If it does, it belongs on the other panel.
  • For your K3 system, you will insert one rail at the very bottom, skip 2 holes and insert another, skip 2 more holes and insert another, skip 1 hole and insert the last rail. Do this for both the left and right panels.
  • Stand your left and right panels up side by side and get ready to insert your back panel in the channel. Make sure your back panel says 'top up' at the top and slide it into the grooves at the back of the left and right panels. 
  • Your three-sided system should now stand on its own. Before you put it into your Ikea unit, make sure you peel off the backing of the adhesive located on the outside of the right and left panels.
  • Once the adhesive is ready, firmly and carefully grasp the unit with both hands and insert it into your Ikea cube space.
  • Ensure the right and left sides are flush against the Ikea cube and put pressure on the sides to get the adhesive to stick to your cube.
  • Now you're ready for your drawers! Insert the 3" drawers in the bottom slots and the 2" drawers in the top slots.
  • You're officially done! Now you can use your Best Craft Organizer storage drawers!

Assembly Tips & Reminders:

  • Ikea Kallax, Expedit or similar cube furniture or storage system with the same measurements (13" width x 13.25" height x 15" depth) is required to use this product. Storage cube is not included with this product.
  • Your instructions are important - make sure you're following them to get your system put together properly for the best possible outcome!
  • There are 10 different sets of peg holes along the left and right panels of the organizer; make sure you measure appropriately for your 2" and 3" drawers. If you made a mistake, no worries! The rails can easily be removed and moved to the right location!
  • Want your 3" drawers on the top instead of the bottom? Go for it! Want to alternate one little drawer and one big drawer? Do it! Make sure your rails are aligned at the appropriate spacing and customize to your liking.
  • If you're having difficulty getting your rails inserted firmly, feel free to use a craft hammer or tack hammer to gently get the plastic pegs secured in the peg holes. 

If you're ready to get organized, Best Craft Organizer is here to help you do it! This genius system will have your supplies, tools, projects and other craft goodies all organized and tucked away for easy categorization and use every time the mood strikes. Looking for more amazing options in Best Craft Organizer storage? Check out their entire line of products here!

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