8.5 x 11 Three Ring Album - Black

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Your cherished memories, magnificent moments, collected keepsakes, and priceless mementos need a beautiful and safe place to call home and this artfully-constructed album has been specifically designed with you and your projects in mind! Contents:  One 8.5" x 11" three-ring album in Black faux l...  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details

Your cherished memories, magnificent moments, collected keepsakes, and priceless mementos need a beautiful and safe place to call home and this artfully-constructed album has been specifically designed with you and your projects in mind!

Contents: One 8.5" x 11" three-ring album in Black faux leather exclusive to Scrapbook.com (page protectors are sold separately)


  • Album's full measurements are 11.5" x 11.75" x 2.75" for holding 8.5" x 11" pages
  • D-rings measure approximately 1.5" x 1.75"
  • The length between D-rings is 4.25"

Do you take this album to hold your wedded bliss? We do! This wonderfully elegant album in Black is the perfect classic aesthetic for displaying all the photos and memories from the happiest day of your or your loved one's life! Celebrate the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness with pictures of the blushing bride, the handsome groom, and all the momentous anecdotes of the big day! We now pronounce you ready to start your wedding album to be cherished forever!

The story of you begins in the roots of your family tree, and blossoms through the ever-expanding branches over the years.  This album in Black is the perfect place to document your family history and genealogy to preserve for future branches of your family tree. Heritage and ancestry is such an important part of a family's legacy, and when we find facts, photos, and documentation about generations long since past, it requires a very special album to withstand the tests of time!

When we lose someone incredibly special, their memory lives on forever in our hearts. This album in somber Black makes a fitting backdrop for a special In Memoriam tribute compilation.  Remembering the good times and extraordinary moments in scrapbook layouts, photos, and journaling cards can lessen the pain of grief and ensure they are remembered forever.


  • Designed for reliability and crafted from archival quality and acid-free materials, durable faux leather, sturdy metal corner protectors, dependable snag-free D-rings, and a strong metal label frame.
  • 8.5' x 11" page protectors (sold separately) will not stick out beyond the covers of the album, ensuring a clean and uniform appearance once your masterpiece is completed!
  • Depending on the contents and thickness of your completed page layouts, the album can hold approximately 25 - 35 completed pages.
  • The beautifully-embossed Scrapbook.com name and motto of LIFE HANDMADE on the back inside cover for this exclusive Scrapbook.com product.
  • Easy to care for and clean.

Compatibility: Our Scrapbook.com Exclusive Universal 8.5 x 11 Page Protectors are the perfect fit for your album.  Find them here in a 10 pack or 50 pack

Instructions: To add page protectors to your Scrapbook.com 8.5 x 11 Three Ring Album, first open your album and lay it flat on your work surface. Then, grasp each side of the center D-ring with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Gently pull apart the sides of the ring until all rings have popped open. Align the page protectors’ holes with the rings and slide them onto one side of the open rings. Hint: it's easier to do this one page at a time! Once all the page protectors you wish to add or move are in place, grasp each side of the center ring again and push it closed. Be careful to keep all your fingers out of the path of the closing rings to avoid painful pinching!

Care: Maintaining the cleanliness of your Scrapbook.com album is fast and easy!  Simply grab a household paper towel or microfiber cloth and dampen it ever so slightly with water. If you need a little extra oomph, you can wet it with a tiny bit of dish soap that's been diluted in water.  Wipe the covers of your album down gently and ensure you are using a fresh, damp paper towel to rid your album of any residue if utilizing dish soap. You can also use a baby wipe to give your album a friendly cleaning. Always ensure the metal components on your album are thoroughly dried after you're done cleaning. To protect your album and ensure its longevity, do not use solvents, bleach, or other harsh cleaners.

Looking for even more options in album colors, sizes, and Universal page protectors?  Shop the whole Scrapbook.com Album System collection now!

This is a Scrapbook.com exclusive product.

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