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× - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5 - Magic Mat - Extended - Cutting Pad - 6 x 14.5

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The Magic Mat is the innovative, game-changing product your die cutting has been missing. Simply swap out one of your plastic cutting pads for this sturdy self-healing pad and you'll be amazed by the cleanest cuts you've ever achieved. Try the affordable, long-lasting Magic Mat today - only at!  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details

This is no magic trick - but the results are so magical that you simply won't believe your eyes! The Magic Mat Cutting Pad from is going to change the way you cut and die cut for all your projects.

Contents: 1 extended-sized Magic Mat Cutting Pad

Size: Cutting Pad measures 6" x 14.5" with a thickness of 3mm

If you're a fan of intricate dies but not a fan of picking tiny pieces of paper out of the cuts, the Magic Mat is your dream come true. The sturdy yet soft self-healing cutting mat material allows for cleaner cuts and less time picking out excess paper bits.

What Is The Magic Mat?

  • The Magic Mat is designed to replace 1 of the cutting pads used in your die cutting machine
  • Simply use the Magic Mat as the cutting pad your metal dies cut into (blade side cuts into the Magic Mat) and send through your machine


  • Made of self-healing cutting material
  • Durable & sturdy for extended wear
  • Great for use with intricate thin metal dies
  • Perfectly sized for use as a cutting pad with extended platform die cutting machines (sold separately)
  • Can be used as a work surface for cutting, slicing, and trimming
  • Handy 1cm square gridlines for precision alignment
  • Made from recycled materials

Say goodbye to the typical cracking and etching you're used to in standard plastic cutting pads. With the Magic Mat, you won't have to worry about deep plastic cutting pad impressions getting transferred to your new project. And these are just a few of the many fabulous tricks up the Magic Mat's sleeves!

Tips For Using Your Magic Mat:

  • Ensure you're using the right "sandwich" for running through your die cutting machine
  • If your cuts aren't deep enough, try adding paper shims until you have the perfect cut
  • The Magic Mat can be used facing up or down and should be rotated regularly to extend the use
  • To hold your thin metal dies in place, try a small piece of Mint Tape that gives you great hold but is gentle on paper

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