Spellbinders - Platinum 6 - Die Cutting Machine and Glimmer Hot Foil Accessory Kit

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Contents: One Spellbinders Platinum 6 Machine One Standard Platform Two Clear Cutting Plates One Embossing Plate One Embossing Mat One machine handle One operation instruction booklet Size:  Platinum 6 Machine measures 12.6” x 9.5” x 7.5”   1 Hot Foil Stam...  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details


  • One Spellbinders Platinum 6 Machine
  • One Standard Platform
  • Two Clear Cutting Plates
  • One Embossing Plate
  • One Embossing Mat
  • One machine handle
  • One operation instruction booklet

Size: Platinum 6 Machine measures 12.6” x 9.5” x 7.5”  

  • 1 Hot Foil Stamp Press Machine
  • 6’ power cord
  • Acrylic Spacer Shim
  • Thin Shim
  • Silicone cooling pad
  • Metal stamp tweezers
  • Two Glimmer Plates
  • Starter foil rolls in silver and rose gold
  • Instruction manual

Size: Hot Foil Stamp Press Machine measures 5.7” x 6.5”

This item is only compatible with power requirements that are the same as found in the United States and Canada.  Consumers who purchase a different power source in any other part of the world will void manufacturer's warranty.    

Now it’s easier than ever to express yourself and share your creativity with friends, family, co-workers, church members, neighbors and all those that you care about with this exclusive kit by Scrapbook.com designed specifically with the crafter in mind!  

With this kit you will receive two amazing tools, the Glimmer Hot Foil System that makes it simple to add foiled elements to your paper crafting projects and the Spellbinders Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine that features VersaCut technology that provides strength, durability and power. The solid steel core construction will cut up to six layers in a single pass when using the Contour Steel Rule Dies (sold separately). The sides of the machine fold up and the handle can be removed making on-the-go crafting and storage a cinch.  

The Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine:  

Not only will you be impressed by how this amazing machine performs, you’re also going to love how it looks in your craft room! The Spellbinders Platinum 6 has a classy white color, a sleek design and is a fully functioning die cutting and embossing machine that comes in a compact size and features a small footprint. You’re going to have hours of fun creating cards, DIY projects, tags, gift boxes and anything else that you can think of! So, pull out your foam, balsa wood, metal, wood veneer, fabric, paper, felt, cardstock, cork, chipboard, vellum, foiled paper or other materials and let’s get creating!  

How to use the machine:

  • Insert the base platform
  • Insert the Clear Cutting Plate
  • Add your cardstock, foil or other material you'd like to cut
  • Add your die (place the ridges side down) atop your material
  • Add your second Clear Cutting Plate on top of that
  • Run your die through the machine by turning the handle
  • Use the Tool ‘N One (sold separately) to brush off excess paper and the spatula attachment to remove the paper from the die

How to use for embossing:

  • Insert the base platform
  • Add your die cut or paper of choice to the top of the Cutting Plate
  • Place the embossing mat on the top of your die cut or paper
  • Add embossing plate
  • Run through the machine by turning the handle

How to use with steel rule dies:

  • Add Clear Base Cutting Mat
  • Add your steel rule die (cutting edge is face up)
  • Add your cardstock or desired cutting material
  • Place top cutting mat on top
  • Run through the machine by turning the handle

How to care for the Platinum 6:

Clean the machine and its accessories with a slightly damp cloth only. Do not use a cleaning product or chemical cleaners on the machine. Canned air may be used to remove dust and debris from small areas of the machine. If your handle requires lubrication, place a small drop of household dish detergent between the white and bronze parts of the handle and rotate the handle to distribute. Alternately, you can remove and immerse the handle into clean water with dish detergent. To prolong the life of the plates, use both sides and remove any scrap materials after cutting.  

Tips for the Platinum 6:

  • Do not use WD-40 to lubricate handle
  • Use the Tool N' One (sold separately) to keep your machine and dies clean and tidy and to pick up stubborn paper scraps from the die cutting process
  • If the result of die cut is incomplete cuts, add a shim (piece of paper at least as large as your die templates) between the bottom Cutting Plate and your die template to increase the pressure while die cutting.

Warranty for the Platinum 6:

The Spellbinders Platinum 6 comes with a limited one year warranty. The machine is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials. Spellbinders will repair or replace a defective product or parts without charge with proof of purchase. If the product is damaged due to misuse or neglect, the warranty is null and void. Register your warranty at SpellbindersCreativeArts.com/warranty.  

The Glimmer Hot Foil System:

Here's a super cool and fabulous tool that will add glamourous foil to your DIY projects by Spellbinders! Once you get your hands on this foiling system you're going to want to add foil to everything!

This innovative system is an accessory to use with the Spellbinders Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine. Other popular die cutting machines that are compatible with this system include the Big Shot, We R Evolution, Vagabond and more.

You will love adding elegant and foil design to your cards, pages, invitation, banners, treat bags, place cards, party favors, thank you notes, save the date cards, engagement or baby announcements and anything else that you can think of that needs to look luxurious!

The system can be used with your own collection of dies; however, it's only going to transfer the cut of the die producing a delicate design in comparison to the available coordinating plates. Heat activated Glimmer Foil Rolls, variety packs or the Glimmer Plates are sold separately.

How to use the Glimmer Hot Foil System:

  • Plug in the machine
  • Turn on system and wait for it to heat up
  • Place Glimmer plate on the heating surface and press the timer button (raised design of plate is to be facing up)
  • Wait until the timer button turns a solid green (approximately 30 seconds)
  • Place Glimmer foil on the hot foil plate (plate temperature is 220 degrees so please use caution as to not get burned)
  • Add desired material (foil is placed foiled side down), place material (cardstock, paper, etc.) over the foil and add the necessary shims
  • Remove the entire platform from the system
  • Run your "Glimmer Hot Foil" sandwich slowly through the Platinum 6 die cutting machine
  • Remove shims
  • Place the platform back in the base
  • Slowly peel foil from material
  • There you have it, you now have a foiled masterpiece!

Materials that work well with the Glitter Hot Foil System, when used with the proper shim, pad and plate – refer to instruction manual:

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Leather
  • Watercolor paper
  • Chipboard
  • Fabric


  • You can also emboss, letterpress and add ink to the plates without using the heat
  • Cut your heat activated foil as close to the size of your plate as possible
  • Cut the corners of your foil before laying it on top of the plate, this eliminates the possibility of the corners folding up and it makes it easier to remove the foil after it’s run through the die cutting machine
  • Clean unwanted or melted foil off of the platform, shim or pad with Un-Du (adhesive remover, sold separately) and gently scraping with a flat edge.

Glimmer Hot Foil FAQs:  

Q: Which machines are NOT compatible with the Glimmer Hot Foil System? 

A: The Glimmer Hot Foil System is NOT compatible with the Cuttlebug, Side Kick or any other machine that cannot cut Steel Rule Dies and does not have at least a 6" long platform.  

Q: Can the Glimmer Hot Foil System use the Go, Press and Foil Machine Dies? 

A: Yes!  

Q: Can you use any brand of heat transfer foil with the Glimmer Hot Foil System?

A: Unfortunately, no. Other popular foils like Therm o Web and MINC are toner based and will not work in this system. This machine does not use a toner to adhere the foil.  

Q: Can you use any die with the Glimmer Hot Foil System?

A: Technically, you can use most metal wafer thin dies, however they may not create beautiful designs. Some do not make sense with this system as they were created to cut out shapes. If you do decide to try a new wafer-thin die, keep this in mind and add an extra cardstock shim or two, as water thin dies are slightly thinner than the Glimmer plates.  

This is a Scrapbook.com exclusive kit!  

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Spellbinders Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine:  

RE-ignited about die-cutting 

“30 or so years ago, I fell in love with rubber stamping. Rooted in paper and ink, that led me to my current obsession with mixed media, specifically art journaling. I may have tried a die cut machine long ago with much frustration and felt "Eh, what's so great about this?" But then, a friend suggested I give it another go specifically with this machine. Oh. My. Goodness. The precision. The ease. The cool Seth Apter dies that work right into my art journaling and mixed media cardmaking. I can't wait to explore. I've got a new obsession!” – EphemeraPaduca  

Spellbinders Platinum 6 Machine 

“This machine will make your die cutting and embossing life so much easier. I enjoy using my machine and find it easy to use, easy to move and easy to wind the handle. It is not to heavy and will sit nicely on your desk. Sturdy and folds up to carry. Lots of different plates and mats available to mix & match to your machine. Overall a great machine to use with your projects.” – AnnmarieVaux  

Great product! 

“I previously owned the Sizzix Big Shot before owning the Spellbinders Platinum 6 and I have to say that I love the Platinum 6! This machine folds up to be much more compact for easier storage, is quieter and seems to be smoother when running the plates through! I would definitely recommend this die cutting machine!” – LindseyDecor  

Here's what our customers are saying about the Glimmer Hot Foil Accessory Kit:  

Love the Versatility of the Glimmer!!!

“This system is so much fun to work with. It is unique and different from a foil machine, as it allows you to work with so many types of materials. I created beautifully foiled Christmas cards, but my favorite way to use the Glimmer Hot Foil machine is to emboss napkins with foil sentiments. They look like they were purchased at a fancy store! I cannot wait to work with other materials, it also works with things like leather, wood grain paper, velvet paper...make sure you own a manual die cutting machine as this is an accessory to be used with one.” – Laura Winslow  


“Love this machine, I bought a TODO earlier this summer and wasn't impressed. This glimmer system and the Spellbinder stamps are wonderful, they work every time one pass with my cut n' boss, I have already made some amazing cards...I love the non-skid plate, the stamps stay where you put . Can't say enough good things about this product. Scrapbook.com was so prompt in getting my order in the mail, I will order from them again for sure!! Have a great day!!” – D Asay

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