"ABC's of Japan

A - Asia, Art, Architecture, Ancestors, Autumn, Airport, Aquarium, Appetizers
B - Bonsai, Bamboo, Beaches, Boats, Bridges, Banners, Bowls, Buildings, Butterfly Gardens, Birds, Beauty, Bonin Islands
C - Cherry Blossoms, Candles, Coins, Clay, Calendar, Climate, Clouds, Cooking, Cuisine, Chicken, Chopsticks, Cakes, Celebrations, Cranes, Carp, Catfish, Castles, Cities, Cars, Culture
D - Dragonflies, Dance, Dynasty, Discover, Diving, Daito-shoto, Desserts
E - Eggplant, Eggs, Earth, Earthquakes
F - Fans, Faces, Festivals, Feathers, Flags, Food, Fish, Flowers, Fire, Friendship, Faith, Family, Folklore, Fables, Fashion, Fukuoka
G - Gardens, Geishas, Geta, Glass, Gingsing, Geography, Government, Getaway
H - History, Holidays, Heritage, Haiku, Huts, Houses, Hope, Hiking, Hot Springs, Hiroshima, Hello Kitty, Harajuku
I - Island, Ice, International, Industry, Instruments, Ink
J - Joy, Journaling, Jewels, Jewelry
K - Kimono, Koi, Kyoto, Kanji, Kites, Karate, Kubuki, Kings, Kodomo, Kon-ni-chi-wa, Kodak Moments
L - Land of the Rising Sun, Leaves, Lights, Laterns, Legends, Language, Locations
M - Moon, Meadows, Mountains, Mt. Fuji, Memories, Maps, Music, Masks, Monkeys, Military, Minami-jima, Miso, Mochi
N - Noodles, Ninjas, New Year, Narita
O - Ocean, Origami, Osaka, Okinawa, Okinotori-shima
P - People, Places, Ports, Passport, Photography, Palaces, Pebbles, Ponds, Pagodas, Pottery, Paper, Peace, Poetry, Paintings, Prayer, Princes, Politics, Pacific
Q - Quietness
R - Red, Rain, Rocks, Roads, Rivers, Rice, Rice Cakes, Robes, Royalty, Rest, Relaxation, Religions, Ryukyu Islands, Restaraunts, Recipes
S - Spring, Summer, Sights, Seasons, Scenes, Scenery, Snow, Sun, Stars, Sky, Sakura, Seafood, Sushi, Sea, Sand, Stones, Shells, Shores, Stir-fry, Soups, Sauce, Spas, Stores, Shopping, Sumo, Samari, Stories, Sayings, Scripture
T - Teriyaki, Tofu, Tea, Trees, Turtles, Tranquility, Tradition, Traditional, Tales, Trails, Travel, Tourist, Temples, Tokyo, Tsunamis
U - Umbrellas, U.S. Navy
V - Villages, Vacation, Visitors, Visitors Center, Volcanos, Volcano Islands, Vegetables, Vegetation
W - Wontons, Wind, Wood, Waves, Water, Watercolor, Writing, Wings, Wonderland, White, Winter, Weather, Weapons, War, WWII
X - X marks the spot!
Y - Yen, Yokohama, Yamanakako
Z - Zen, Zori

- KellyCali 2011"

Submitted By: KellyCali