"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a friend.

A daughter brings sunshine to brighten your day.
A daughter brings joy through her loving ways.
A daughter is a blessing that comes from above.
A special and beautiful treasure to love.

A girl and her boots - It's a beautiful/girl thing (cowboy boats-rain boats)

Doll Happy

A girl and her boots - It's a beautiful/girl thing (cowboy boats-rain boats)

Girls and their dolls

Girls Go Pink!

Girls just want to have fun!

Girls rule, Boys drool!

I didn't ask to be a princess, but if the tiara fits

I wasn't born a princess, but if the tiara/shoe fits. . .

I'm a Barbie girl ... in a Barbie World.

A little bit of sunshine is what you are to me.

Little girls are precious gifts, wrapped in love serene. Their dresses are tied with sashes and wrapped up in dreams.

Mom and me / Just us girls (girls day out)

My sister and I, friends are we, Best of friends we'll always be.

No earthly joys would bring more pleasure than a little girl to love and treasure!

Rhinstone Cowgirl

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Thats what little girls are made of.

Tea for Two

Tea Party / It's Tea Time

Thank heaven for little girls

This is my favorite place - inside your hug!

Tickled Pink

Tic Tac Toe-tally Fun (bare feet, tic tac toe page)

She can turn the world on with her smile.
She can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worth while.
Cause it's you girl and you should know it.
Each glance and every little movement will show it.
Love is all around no need to fake it.
You can have the town why don't you take it.
You're gunna make it after all.

Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song

Why God Made Little Girls:
God made the world with its towering trees,
Majestic mountains and restless seas.
Then paused and said it needs one more thing.
Someone to laugh and dance and sing,
To walk in the woods and gather flowers and things.
To commune with nature in quiet hours.
So God made little girls with laughing eyes,
with joyful hearts and infectious smiles
Enchanting ways and feminine wiles.
And when He'd completed the task He'd begun"

Submitted By: KAISER