"The Beary Best of Friends

The better part of ones life consists of his friendships. - Abraham Lincoln

Bestest Friends or Best of Buddies or Best Buds

The best things in life aren't things - they are friends.

Close Friends:
are the ones you contact when there is good news
are the ones you alert when there is a need for prayer
are the ones you confide to when there is a burden to be shared
are the ones you involve when special plans are being made
are the ones you thank God for whenever you count your richest blessings!
- Roy Lessin

Blessings come in many ways and nicest come as Friends

A blossoming friendship always makes a heart smile.

Count your age by friends not years
Count your life by smiles not tears.

Even though were far apart, youre always in my heart.

Everything's better when shared with a friend!

Favorite times, favorite friends, share the love passed now and then. A loving gesture, kindhearted deed, saying thanks or asking please. It's little things that make the world go round, from friend to friend pass it on.

For today and tomorrow, Through laughter and sorrow
My friend, my angel whose always there,
Showing your love and showing you care.

A friend is a gift you give yourself!

A friend is like a wonderful book - the inside is better than the cover.

A friend is someone who goes around telling NICE things about you behind your back.

A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you anyway

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

A friend is someone who you can sit with, not say a word, and leave feeling it was the best conversation you ever had.

A friend is someone you can lean on.

A friend is like a good book - it doesn't get old it becomes a classic!

Friends are a gift that is heaven sent.

Friends: are chosen family

Friends are gifts with strings attached - Heartstrings!

Friends are the best collectibles.

Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life.

Friends are the special hug from GOD.

Friends, day in and day out, month after month

Friends listen with their heart.

Friends see things heart to heart.

Friends share the joy and the sorrow to make your heart lighter!

Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.
- Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)

Friendship is Gods most perfect gift.

Friendship is not a big thing ... It is a million little things.
It's laughing over a joke, sharing a secret, calling just to say "Hello!"
It's the little things that make a friendship blossom and endure over the years.

Friendship is the thread that ties our hearts together. (needles and threads or string multiple hearts along a fiber)

Friendship keeps our hearts in touch

Friendship, like old quilts, stand the test of time!

Friendship warms the heart. Feel the warmth of those around you.

Friends, you and me - you brought another friend - and then there were 3.

Forever Friends are the Best!!

God in His goodness, kindness and care, Gave us a friendship so special to share.

God smiled the day we became friends

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Good friends are angels on Earth.

Good friends are like angels
you don't have to see them to know that they are there.

Good friends are like our chosen family.

Good friends make good times even better!

Great friends - good times - warm hearts.

Happy is the heart that holds a true and loving friend.

He who loses money, loses much; he who loses a friend, loses much more;
He who loses faith, loses all. -Eleanor Roosevelt

A helping hand shows a loving heart.

A hug is worth a thousand words... A friend is worth so much more.

Hold a true friend with both hands. (A Nigerian Proverb)

I could always tell my secrets to you.

I asked God for water, He gave me an ocean.
I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.
I asked God for a tree, He gave me a forest.
I asked God for a friend, He gave me YOU.

I have many friends with whom I share my time, but very few I share my heart.

If friends were flowers I'd pick you!

If One Day...
If one day you feel like crying... Call me.
I don't promise that I will make you laugh, But I can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away- Don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to stop... But I can run with you.

If one day you don't want to listen to anyone... Call me.
I promise to be there for you. And I promise to be very quiet.

But if one day you call... And there is no answer...
Come fast to see me. Maybe I need you.

If I ever ignored you. I'm Sorry...

If I ever made you feel bad or put you down. I'm Sorry...

If I ever thought I was bigger or better than you. I Luv You...
Don't ever forget that! Through bad times and good,
I'll always be here for you.

I am Sorry... For everything wrong I've ever done.

I'm writing this because what if tomorrow never comes?
What if I never get to say good-bye or give you a BIG hug?
What if i never get to say I'm sorry or I love you?
Because what if tomorrow never comes?

I LOVE YOU! Friends are Forever!!

If I Could...
If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
and share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them In the sea!
But all these things I'm finding
are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best-
A friend who's always there.

If you see someone without a smile, give him yours.

In this world of ordinary people, I'm glad there is you.

It doesn't matter where you are going in life -- It's the friends you have beside you along the way that makes your life work.

It is a good thing to be rich and a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved by many friends. -Euripdes

It means so much to keep in touch.

It takes a long time to grow old friends.

The language of the heart needs no words...but its message is carried in every gesture and deed. (sign for I Love You)

Letters are visits when friends are apart.

Life is a patchwork of friends.

Like a cup of kindness that warms the heart with love,
Your friendship is a blessing- a gift from God above.

A little bit of sunshine is what you are to me.

Little by little, day by day, friends and flowers grow that way.

Love is a friendship set to music.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Miles can never keep good friends apart.

My heart is filled with memories of you... May your memories be happy ones and all your dreams come true.

Neighbors by chance -Friends by choice!

New friends are silver and old are gold.

No gift can compare to a friend who's always there.

Old friends are like antiques - they are to be treasured.

Old friends are the best antiques.

Our circle of friendship has continued over many years.

Plant kindness, get love!

The road to a friends house is never long. [For us it's just a phone call away.]

Sew glad we're friends (quilt page or needles and thread)

Side-by-side or miles apart, true friends live within our hearts.

A sister is a special kind of friend.

Sisters/brothers by chance - friends by choice.

Smiles all over the place

So many thoughtful things you do - I'm glad I've got a friend like you

Some of my best friends are flakes (snowman)

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

Sweet is the journey down friend ships road.

There's enough warmth in a friends hug to warm up the coldest day.

There is no gift so precious as a true friend.

Through thick or thin Through it all, good friends are always there

Thoughts of you make me smile.

Times may pass and we may part but true friends stay close at heart!

Times and seasons change, but not the ways of friendship.

Tis better, by far, at the rainbows end to find not gold but the heart of a friend.

To have a friend, be a friend.

The touch or comforting words from a friend has amazing healing powers.

True friendship is a plant of slow growth. - George Washington

Vintage friends are like wine ... they are both worth the work and the wait.

We started our group - our circle of friends - and like that circle - there is no beginning, nor an end.

When friends gather/meet hearts warm. - Scottish Proverb

When I count my blessings I count you/friends twice.

When you're too busy for friends you're just TOO BUSY!

Wherever life's path leads you, may every step along the way be filled with peace and courage.

Wishing love to always surrounds you, Warm memories to cheer you, Good fortune to walk beside you, and Happiness to fill your heart.

You make the world a brighter place.

You will always be my best friend - you know way too much!

Your always in my thoughts and forever in my heart.

You're a special friend

You're always an angel, caring and sweet.
Being your friend/mom/sister is a special treat.
You have changed my life in many ways.
Your smile brightens every day.

You're one in a million.

You should be showered with flowers /A shower of flowers (little flowers raining down the page"

Submitted By: KAISER