Beginner Scrapbook - Part 2 - Basic Tools and Supplies

Submitted by: Date Added: 03-May-10 presents the second video in a series of videos geared toward beginning scrapbookers. This second video talks about the different types of tools that anyone who scrapbooks should have.

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I'd like to know where you got the swivel base tote and is it still available?

Cool!! Thanks!!!! Hugs Renata

I would've loved to have seen this video, but it wouldn't play. Can you please revamp the video?

Cute, simple layout. I have the same cutter, had it for years. I had no idea that you could cut more than one piece of paper at a time.

hello, i am not really a beginner because i have been doing this for 4 1/2 yrs now, but enjoy learning more & more every time. i enjoyed watching this demo and took notes so thank you great tips & demo.

Good comments for beginners. Thank you for the advice on the UN-DU, I had not heard of this product before. If you use repositional tape and leave it in a spot you've decided on, will it become permanent? Thanks again!:)

I realy like this video give me alots ideas to get started because i am beginner in scrapbooking great video thanks!!!

really a great video for the beginner, especially the undo and repositionable tape.thankyou

What a great video--I usually wind up buying too many supplies or the wrong ones--this video showed the basics for beginners which is so helpful--and thanks for including the UN-DU Adhesive Remover--I didn't now about this-- thanks, Margo

There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, but for those things you want to REDO - there's UN-DU. I love it.

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