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Submitted by: Sarah Pink Cricut Date Added: 26-May-10

I'll show you 2 helpful hints to help you maintain your Cricut Mat for a longer period of time, saving you money and the hassle of running to the store for new mats every week!

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wonderful this videos and the others were exactly what I was looking for. Thank-you

I have never tried this but I am willing to as the mats can get quit costly if you use the machine alot as I do. Thank you so much for this tip.

I have been doing this for quite a while as well. I have not heard about the baby wipes or lint roller. I need to try that now. Love this website!

ok so I tried the zig glue, it does work. I still use the baby wipes not the lint roller to clean my mat, but the glue is cool. I didn't try the adhesive spray as I thought if the glue didn't work I could at least use it for scrapbooking.

thanks for sharing.

I use adhesive spray which is much faster and works perfect!

I've been doing this for many years and saved a LOT of money on cricut mats. The only time I get rid of a mat is when it gets curly apprx twice a year.

Thank You! Great Tip!

I have always used the baby wipes to remove the paper dust which works great, I get a lot of life with my mats this way, and way quicker then a lint roller and yes the mats sticky surface comes back, I may try the 2 way glue to test this before I throw out my old mats.

I love the idea of the lint roller, thank you for that!

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  • 10-Jun-10

    Ila Sibley Says:

    If you use baby wipes to clean your mats it removes the tiny bits of paper and lint. But it also makes your mat sticky again once it dries. It takes about 5 minutes for it to dry. I suggest doing this before putting mats away every time. When the mats are no longer sticky enough then use the 2 way glue to refresh the mats. But continue to clean your mats before putting them away or even during a project if it get dirty.

  • 01-Jun-10

    Johnsusan8 Says:

    I've read about quite a few people doing this but I had never seen a demonstration.

  • 01-Jun-10

    Bxr-Linda Says:

    I don't have a cricut, but.... I was at a crop, and the store representative said this will void the warranty on your machine (although she said she does it). On the other hand, I understand the warranties are not that long anyway, so it's probably worth doing this. :)

  • 29-May-10

    Dotfree Says:

    Good tips. I knew about the 2-way glue, but I didn't know about the lint remover.

  • 29-May-10

    TFCasper Says:

    The lint roller also makes the dying glue get more sticky after you use it. Great tips.

  • 27-May-10

    Smalltowngurrl Says:

    Great tips!! Thank you!!

  • 27-May-10

    Tinadn Says:

    great ideas!

  • 26-May-10

    Bookworm401 Says:

    Great tips! I definitely need to pick up some 2 way glue:)

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