Match book tutorial

Submitted by: Shonz14nw Date Added: 07-Jul-11

Hi there, I hope you'll be gentle as this is my first long tutorial and I was a bit nervous. Can only get better right... lol. I learned how to make this from Chris416ward. Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments regarding my Top Hat mini. Looking forward to sharing more tech's and creations. Take care...

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thank you very much for this didn't sound nervous at all.

love the top hat, thanks for sharing the matchbook pocket, i am ready to try and make one myself. you top hat is beautiful.

I've added you to my favorites. So inspired by your top hat mini I'm going to make a mixed media album using lots of your ideas, for a baby shower. Thanks so much for sharing! You do awesome work!

You make it look so easy! And with beautiful results!

Great job....can't wait to make one myself.

awesome idea! I want to make it bigger so that I can make it like a mini scrapbook all on its own. Like a little brag book with a pull out flap for each kid/grandkid. Good job on your first video... I never would have guessed that it was your first.

Easy to follow instructions! Very thorough.

I really like your matchbook pocket book !!

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