Ali Edwards Journaling Class - 02 - Using Repetition

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Lesson #2 from Ali Edward's Jounraling Class at Shop for Ali Edwards products here.

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I never really thought about repetition when it comes to journaling. That will really be a help to me and I love the I am thankful there are so many things. Truly thankful for you Ali for sure. These lessons are awesome already. I just might be able to do this. :)

Ali, Great ideas using repetition. As we all age, and as we reach certain ages, time does go by so quickly. So, in journaling, as we get older, we can glance back over our lo's and say "Oh, I almost forgot about that!

What a great lesson! It was very helpful for me. Thank you Ali.

Thanks Ali, I really like the idea of jotting down thoughts while traveling using the prompt "I want to remember".

Ali, I really love all of your creative suggestions for scrapbooking. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with us!

Thanks, Ali. Great ideas!

This is really helpful for me. I especially like the "I want to remember...." Thank you!

Thank you, fabulous tips on "Using Repetition" sometimes I find that journaling is the hardest part of my pages.

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