Technique: Shaving Cream

Submitted by: Caking1961 Date Added: 03-Jun-09

Rubber Stamping Technique Tutorial

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This is a very very cool technique. I'm going to try it.

This technique looks like a lot of fun!

How in the world could someone dream this up? The final result was absolutely beautiful! I really like the black accents with the orange background on the card.

I don't ever remember doing anything like this! This is flippin' awesome!! Can't wait to try it!!

I already own this Pampered Chef scraper too so I'm ready to try it! Thanks.

This is a great technique. Looks like something fun that kids might want to try too!

Need to hunt dh's closet to see if he has shaving cream.

How awesome!

That was so cool!

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  • 07-Oct-09

    Shelwriter Says:

    Way cool!! Again, I wonder if you can use the Ranger alcohol inks with this technique. I love this!

  • 06-Oct-09

    LeslieLawter Says:

    I love how you can make a random color coordinated paper to match your project perfectly.

  • 06-Oct-09

    MommaSaid Says:

    It is a stunning marbled look. I'm impressed that the ink dries so quickly!

  • 05-Oct-09

    Nancy Keslin Says:

    I have done this before, but never for scrapbooking. thanks for the reminder.

  • 03-Sep-09

    Nutty Nat Says:

    this is so cool

  • 24-Aug-09

    Smileygal Says:

    ok, so that was awesome! :-)

  • 11-Jul-09

    Rfaulk Says:

    so awesome! I had no idea this could work!!

  • 04-Jun-09

    Lydia S Says:

    This is so neat!

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