Heidi Swapp - Die Ink Vs Solvent Ink

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Heidi Swapp - Die Ink Vs Solvent Ink

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thank you the solvent ink was exactly the effect i was going for i was wondering why the ink would bead up on the stamp thanks, i almost gave up on stamping

It was great to knw these little hints, Thanks so much for educating..

WOW, now I know why my stamping doesn't come out as clear as I thought it should, gotta get some stazOn, I wonder what other inks are "solvent" inks...

Wow, what a difference!!! I never knew this. Thanks so much, Heidi, for explaning it.

I guess I'm also among the "didn't knows." I knew there were different types of ink, but thought they pretty much worked with all stamps. Now, I wonder what my cat eye inks are.

OH MY GOD i didnt know this!! No wonder when I'd stamp with all my acrylic stamps, they'd look like that! I thought it was just the stamp! Time to invest in some Stazon!!!

I wish I could go back in time to do correctly some of the stamping on layouts I've already done!

Wow! Awesome info! Who knew?? Certainly not me!!!

Thanks for the video, I found out the hard way while trying to stamp on acetate.

I never knew there was a difference, I thought ink was ink.

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  • 02-Oct-09

    Rockmom Says:

    I didn't know this, but now I do, thanks!

  • 01-Oct-09

    Jackie9635 Says:

    wow. never knew there was a difference like this.

  • 01-Oct-09

    Luvmyfam Says:

    Good to know! I wondered what the difference was.

  • 01-Oct-09

    Fluttrbies Says:

    I don't stamp that much, mostly because there are so many products and I didn't understand the differences, so this was really helpful.

  • 30-Sep-09

    Greencturtle Says:

    Very helpful, I had no idea

  • 30-Sep-09

    Scrappineve Says:

    Yup, I was in the dark too =) Good info, thanks!

  • 30-Sep-09

    Xxsquigglesxx Says:

    I don't stamp that much so I didn't know there even were different kinds. I would really like to get into the acrylic stamps so once I get a few I'll keep this is mind.

  • 30-Sep-09

    Momma Paparazzi Says:

    I, too, was one of those that didn't know the difference between solvent and dye inks. I haven't done a lot of stamping. Good to know.

  • 30-Sep-09

    StarsNSparkles Says:

    I have almost all the staz on inks and I am thrilled to know that I may a good decision when I bought them!!! I love the crisp, clear, and true stamp images I get when I use them!! Now...if I could just get the right ink to emboss with...lol

  • 29-Sep-09

    AuntJo Says:

    Good info to know. I have one StazOn ink in black because I knew it would adhere to all material, but didn't reallize it would make a difference in the stamped image! Thanks!

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