How to make Paper Storage out of a Priority Mail Box

Submitted by: Sarah Pink Cricut Date Added: 27-Apr-10

I will show you "cheap" ways to store your scrapbooking and card making supplies. Tutorial on how to make paper storage out of Priority Mail boxes!

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I believe the cost of the Priority Mail boxes are included in the postage you pay when you bring them back to mail. Recycling them is a very good idea, but if you don't have one to recycle, you can buy the regular (not Priority) mailing boxes and make 2 12 x 12 holders out of one box. The box is a similar size to the medium Priority box, but it is 17 7/8" long (almost 18") and if you cut the narrow sides at 6" from the end on opposite sides and cut the wide sides on the diagonal, you end up with 2 boxes that are 12" at the back and 6" at the front.

I have to say that I heard you say not to take too many boxes at the post office because they'll notice I had to laugh. That was so You know what else I do with those boxes? I put gifts in them. For instance, I have a few sweatshirts, t shirts and a blanket that I'm giving away for Christmas. I put them in priority boxes and then I gift wrapped them. And because I didn't have to cut them, they can be reused for actually mailing stuff :-D

Great idea! (I just made one!) :)

I do the same thing to my Priority boxes also.I heard of using cereal boxes too !I I love the envelope mini-album tutorial ,too

I know I'm coming in a little late with this comment but I work at a Walmart Vision Center and we get two of these boxes delivered to us almost every day. They contain our finished eye glasses and contact lens orders and they are usually in mint condition when they come in. We just recycle these boxes and I'm sure if you ask any of your local vision centers if you can have them they will be glad to save them for you. I've brought home 8 of them so far and they are working perfectly. It's a great way to recycle something rather than getting them new from the USPS.

This is such an amazing idea!!!! Thank you so much you just saved me a fortune. If you go on there website they will even deliver them to your door free of charge.

This is absolute genius! I like the way you think!! I'm headed off right now to make some paper holders!

You are a genus! I love this idea! I have been looking for a good way to store without spending a lot of money. Yay, for you!

I was thinking the same thing. If too many people start taking these, there WILL be a charge. :(

They're free because the USPS includes these supplies in their total cost of operation. I'm concerned that people take advantage of this. Can you use one that's already been mailed to you or find a similar type box somewhere?

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  • 29-Apr-10

    Bxr-Linda Says:

    Using a metal straight-edge ruler would make it MUCH easier to cut a straight line. :D

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