Weekend Card - Have a dOnut

Submitted by: Vickyp Date Added: 12-Apr-10

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this was just great! So cute I loved the idea of putting pop ups two high to make room for the coffee cup to fit behind the doughnut. I also love the distress look. This would be a card I would make. I will need the supply list for this one.

Super cute!! Its amazing watching it all come together!!

would be perfect to put a gc to Krispy Kreme in for a present.

A great card! All my donut eating friends would really enjoy getting one of these! Thanks!

What a neat idea for a card!

Wow what a wonderful card! Makes me hungry it looks so real!

Wow -- very intricate!

that is so adorable!!!

looks yummy!

love all the cutting details used for the stamps.

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  • 10-May-10

    Unknown Says:

    Adorable! I can't see the first stamp with the writing on the finished card but maybe it's there?

  • 10-May-10

    Debby_westbrook Says:

    Amazing. Love the doughnut clear stamps.

  • 10-May-10

    Grimmette Says:

    Adorable idea!! I love the detail too!

  • 07-May-10

    Johnsusan8 Says:

    Your attention to detail is amazing!

  • 20-Apr-10

    Artsyscrapmom Says:

    Love this card! my fave! i love coffee & donuts so this card if perfect for me! lol... you did awesome with this one! love it! can't wait to see the next card ! :0)

  • 18-Apr-10

    Luvmyfam Says:

    Darling! Very clever, too.

  • 12-Apr-10

    Craftygirl77 Says:

    what a cute idea!!!! Love it!

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