Alcohol Inks on Fragments

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A very basic tutorial on using Ranger alcohol inks on Tim Holtz fragments.

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I've learned something new. It was a good tutorial explaining how to use the inks.

Great tutorial!!! I need to bite the bullet and buy some inks.... i'm sure I will now!!

tfs!! i have been wondering how to do this!

I've always wondered what to do with those tiles! Neat tutorial.

Fun technique. TFS.

those come out really cool!

Cool technique!

Always wanted to try this. Have the inks now need some tiles!

Love the tile idea, These Inks Rock!

Definitely going to get some fragments! I have the inks, but never use them. Time to dust them off!

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  • 17-Feb-10

    Afilatreau Says:

    The acrylic tiles are so cool when this technique is used! I have the inks, now just need to buy some fragments!

  • 17-Feb-10

    Oakhills Says:

    I have never used alcohol inks but this video has piqued my interest in trying my hand with them.

  • 17-Feb-10

    Blooberry56 Says:

    hmm. can't get it to work!

  • 17-Feb-10

    Forevervampress Says:

    This is so cool! I just got a set of alcohol inks and I can't wait to try this technique!

  • 16-Feb-10

    Rahulsmom Says:

    I saw it on youtube coz embedding was disabled here. I love alcohol inks. Haven't used them on fragments though.

  • 16-Feb-10

    Unknown Says:

    I love me some alcohol inks!

  • 16-Feb-10

    MommaSaid Says:

    I think this looks like a fun start to a great project! I would have wanted to add much more ink to the tiles for a richer look; would have been nice to know if that was possible.

  • 16-Feb-10

    Capucine Says:

    Exactly what I needed to get started with alcohol inks.

  • 16-Feb-10

    Craftygirl77 Says:

    Said embedding was disabled. :( Couldn't watch it.

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