Heidi Swapp Memory Files: 1. Adding Folders

Submitted by: Scrapbook.com Date Added: 27-Dec-12

Heidi Swapp helps get us started with adding folders to your memory file system!

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If you post photos of the step by step directions of this project somewhere, I can't find them. I think that's really helpful -- I like to print them so I can have them in front of me as I'm working so I remember what you did and, more importantly, how you did it.

Fantastic idea, I love the idea of these memory files. The only problem is they aren't for sale on your site. I live in the UK and have never seen anything like this here anyway.

Thank you for the ideas!

Thanks so much for sharing this/ I am a new student of all things Heidi Swapp and it's a nice insight into how her memory files work! xo

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