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12 different ways to use washi tapes! Create custom flags, banners, ruffles, covered clothes pins, frames, bursts, borders, backgrounds, punch outs with washi. Or journal on washi, stamp on washi, or using washi as a hinge for hidden journaling or extra pictures. Shop all Washi Products in the Store. 

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Thank you! Loved the video and your ideas.


Thanks so much. I've got a box of 20 rolls of MT Washi and these ideas will help me put it to good use :)

Cool ideas for using washi - I always love new ideas for my growing supply of it.

What a great video...loved the fun! Thanks for the Tutorial!

What great ideas - thanks for the tut!

Ruth G - here is a link to the mini with a supply list :)

I love all the great ideas! I have so much washi it's awesome to have so many new ways to use it! I'd love to know what papers you used for the mini book (I think it was in the making a border section?) Thanks for sharing!

so many great ideas. I am off to gather my washi. thanks!!!

punching washi is an awesome way to use up the back side of uglies!

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