Stacy Julian 03 - Family Words and Family Tree File

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I'm trying different websites but I cannot find the same sheet you show. The ones I found were in regards to medical information. Where can I find it?

Such amazing ideas! I am always inspired by you, Stacy. Thanks for sharing your personal systems with us so we can get more out of our scrapbooking experience. :)

Stacy, you always are so inspiring! And you have the most brilliant ideas! Love your pages and their content. Thanks for sharing!

I wish there were more videos on this subject. You have given me some great ideas. Thank you

I cannot find the link for the question sheet you talked about.

You just got my total respect for scrapbooking a calculator. I am finding myself growing tired of all the scrapping videos being made lately that are just about adhering new 'product' onto paper around a photo. I would MUCH rather see creative techniques and inventive uses for what life presents to us. What a treasure to be able to scrap an original piece of your history with your dad! THAT'S scrapbooking!

Jillian, I love this idea. I can't wait to start a box. I could not find the link for question sheet you offered.

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