Heidi Swapp - Ranger Blending Tools Tip

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Heidi Swapp - Ranger Blending Tools Tip

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it's 11/9/2010 and i just watched heidi swapp give the most useful tip i have ever received to date on how to get that velcro to stay on the inking tool from ranger. i have used rubber cement, double stick red liner, and have been so frustrated. i'm going to commandeer the staple gun from my husband's tool kit NOW! thanks heidi!!!!!!

I really enjoy Heidi's how to videos. They have been a great learning tool for me!! Thank you so much for this!

Gosh.. my wish list just keeps getting longer! Thats ok though ;) I really like the effect on the technique she was doing.

This is an awesome tip!! I am soooo glad I watched this because I was having that problem with my blending tools! And FYI for any of you thinking of getting this tool or not...do yourself the favor...GET IT!!!! it is great!

I love using the distress inks but HATED that the velcro kept coming off, this is an awesome tip ... THANK YOU !!!

Thanks so much!!! I have wanted to try these but have had my reservations!

Sweet, thanks Heidi!

I guess I need to go get a staple gun.

I've been wanting to get one of these ~ looks like it makes blending so much easier! Thanks for the extra tips!!!

So glad I watched this video! Was unsure about how to use the distress inks and the blending tools but now I know.

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  • 18-Sep-09

    KrickleScraps Says:

    I've been looking at the blending tool trying to decide about purchasing them and after seeing this great tip, I think I will definitely purchase! Thanks for such a useful tip!

  • 16-Sep-09

    Leslief Says:

    I just bought the applicator and replacements last week. I can't wait to use them!

  • 15-Sep-09

    AuntJo Says:

    I've always wondered how to use these tools. Thanks for the video. Now to just buy the tools so I can play!

  • 15-Sep-09

    Xxsquigglesxx Says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks for this!

  • 15-Sep-09

    Heather J. Landry Says:

    I love my craft mat and blending tool, I really appreciated the extra tips! I'm off to find my staple gun.

  • 15-Sep-09

    Greencturtle Says:

    Great tip, thanks!

  • 15-Sep-09

    Bcmfan Says:

    Have never seen the craft mat... def will be ordering one of those!

  • 15-Sep-09

    Fluttrbies Says:

    Very useful tip! I'm going to try that! Thanks.

  • 15-Sep-09

    Oakhills Says:

    Very timely tip for me. I just received my order from sb.com with my blending tool and pads and now I can make them last longer! Have not seen the craft mat before...would like to get those as well.

  • 15-Sep-09

    Sherrise Says:

    This is just a really great tip!! I also love the tutorial on the ink blending tools, as I have never seen them in action before!

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