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Lady confesses her addiction to 'scrapbooking' and with the help of her Discover Card Cash Rewards Program is able to purchase more scrapbooking supplies.

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oh, so true and so sad. When I'm away from my product, like rgiht now. I miss them so much and I get glad when I ge to see them again. I know I'm sad.

I am so glad they don't have scrappy reward credit cards here I'd be bankrupt

Yup. I feel her pain! ;)

haha this is too funny.

LOL!! Waaaaaay funny.

LOL! That's dangerous!

So funny!1 But true!! Cant wait till its on TV!!

LOL I love this!! haven't seen it on TV yet but thanks for sharing so that we can all view it! :)

thats our life , but using my credit card , NO THANKS


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