Textured Boutique Embossing Machine

Submitted by: Sizzix Date Added: 19-Aug-09

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This design is so adorable. Lovely for kids and adults too.

So cute just love this

How cute is the purse design!

I dont have any embossing machine ...this would be good.

I want an embossing machine...

Another idea I need to try!

This looks like a great way to emboss cards, tags, etc. Must check this one out!

Awesome! I love texture.

What a great idea! I haven't really explored embossing yet, but this looks like fun!

I would love to have an embossing machine, this is really cute.

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  • 25-Aug-09

    Sandra Perdomo Says:

    I whant to buy a embosing machine , love this one is so cute

  • 24-Aug-09

    Firelass Says:

    This is a wonderful tool...can't wait til it's available..it's going on my Christmas list, although not sure I can wait. I make all of our cards (just started Christmas)and wish I had it already,lol

  • 24-Aug-09

    Dreaminscrap Says:

    Great tool! Just wish I could emboss something bigger like an 8 x 8. Maybe someday...:o)

  • 24-Aug-09

    Unknown Says:

    Looks like a great tool for cardmakers.

  • 24-Aug-09

    Scrappineve Says:

    It is off, but it's a great product! =)

  • 24-Aug-09

    Mom2twinsplus1 Says:

    your right, it is off

  • 20-Aug-09

    Dmc21043 Says:

    is it just me or is the sound and picture not aligned??

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