Scrap By Color Walk Through

Submitted by: Date Added: 15-Sep-09 presents the Scrap By Color Demo.

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Wonderful way to speed up color choices.

OHHH! This is great. Being someone that is color challenged, aka color-blind, I love that I can upload a picture and this will select the best color scheme! I cannot wait to get started!!

Thanks for explaining this better. Now I can actually use it!

What a fabulous feature. I really need to give this a try!

Wonderful feature!

I love this new feature and have tried it a couple of times already to get the best color guides for my projects! Terrific idea!

love this feature. But I had a problem seeing all of the sample layout. I couldn't click and drag it up to see or scroll down to see the rest of it. But I love the colors and what I could see of the layout they would work great.

it's really unbelivable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very excited to use this!!

Wow...I've been playing with it a little and this is so awesome! Not only a great tool for our scrapbooking but what about home decor and quilting! LOL!

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  • 24-Sep-09

    Mrs. Bean Says:

    This looks like it will be a very helpful tool. Thank you!

  • 24-Sep-09

    Leslief Says:

    It sometimes takes so much time to decide what coordiating colors to use; this is VERY helpful!

  • 24-Sep-09

    Pattibos Says:

    I just tried this tool with a quick picture I had on is awesome! Color scheme decision making is one of my most time-consuming planning steps...this is AWESOME...Once again,, you ROCK!

  • 24-Sep-09

    Scrappineve Says:

    This is genius! Scrap by Color=no more headackes trying to coordinate colors and papers!!! =) Love it!!!

  • 24-Sep-09

    Forevervampress Says:

    I've tried this tool once and it is wonderful. Takes the guesswork out of coordinating colors and it shows all the products available for the colors chosen. It makes beginning a project much easier.

  • 23-Sep-09

    Jean Mallett Says:

    Great tool!! I can easily find colors I would never think to use.

  • 23-Sep-09


    Great idea - it's going to make us spend more money. Great fun!!!

  • 23-Sep-09

    Croppin Momma Says:

    This tool is so cool. I have trouble sometimes figuring out which colors to use with which and this helps, along with helping think outside the box on what colors to use. Thanks!

  • 23-Sep-09

    Love 2 Learn Says:

    WOW--THANKS for this video---(I have a color wheel and could never figure that thing out). I did not know how awesome this Scrap by Color tool was until I watched the video!!! Cant wait to play with it!!

  • 22-Sep-09

    Xxsquigglesxx Says:

    I really like this. It seems like this will be very helpful for those times that I get stuck on which color schemes to go with.

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