Scotch ATG Adhesive Guns - Overview

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  • By 888 11-Sep-10
I've been wanting a ATG for a LONG time... thanks for sharing!!!

What is the difference between the 714 and the pink gun besides price

I love my ATG. They are quite economical in the long run. Don't get spoiled by how long each roll lasts; always carry an extra one with you if you're not at home.

i have the atg 700 i love it i use the 1/4 tape on it now you need to buy the adapter to use it. but i just took out the center plastic wheel to use it the first time and need to buy the adapter

Why doesn´t all tapes work with one tapegun????

I wondered where all the demonstraters were getting that big honker tape thingie.

Thanks for sharing this, I was wondering what everyone loved about it!

Thank you!!! I was planning to use the gold when my two rolls run out. ;)

Bxr-Linda, Yes, the 714 'gold' adhesive is compatible with the pink gun. The 'pink' adhesives are just marketed/packaged differently specifically for consumer crafting use. (+ 2 per box!)

I'm a little confused by this video. Is the gold 1/4 tape (for the 714) compatible with the pink ATG? I thought they used the same tape, but now I'm unsure. Why would there be 1/4 tape sold especially for the pink, if it's the same???

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