Xyron Creatopia - Fabric Refillz

Submitted by: Xryon Creatopia Date Added: 21-Oct-09

Learn about the new fabric adhesive and how to best use it for your fabric or mixed media projects.

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That would be handy for appliques!

That's neat. I've heard about this - but didn't know much about it. This video makes me want it. :)


I so want this machine!

thats a pretty cool machine

This is a neat product!

*sigh* i so want one of these...i have the lil' mini x machine, but thats soo cool!

How cool!!

I hope all the different cartg say on them what number position you are to load them in...I wont be able to remeber without a cheat sheet what goes in position 1 what goes in position 2 and so on. I wonder how this adhesive would work on sheer fabrics and ribbions.

I didnt know they had fabric adhesive. I wish I had the big machine.

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  • 26-Oct-09

    Unknown Says:

    Ooh it has fabric adhesive too? This little machine is quickly making it to the top of my wish list!

  • 26-Oct-09

    Ande Says:

    I had a 12" Zyron for along time and just this summer sold it at my garage sale....Wish I had kept it now

  • 26-Oct-09

    Charisma3103 Says:

    Very cool little machine wish I had one

  • 22-Oct-09

    Momma Paparazzi Says:

    I have heard about these, but never seen one before.. what a cool little machine. Nice that it does the big pieces!!

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