Cheater Bow

Submitted by: Rahulsmom Date Added: 26-Oct-09

This is a ribbon saving technique for making bows. Also called a cheater bow.

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This is a great idea, I'm going to try it this week end on some of my project I have going

what a great idea, will try as it looks so easy.

This has spread fast. I'm so glad I could see it up close.

tfs! :)

Saved as a favorite. Great technique

Greata tip. thanks.


Thanks so much..I've been wondering how to do this! I'm so bad at making really bad! Thanks alot!

Thanks for this!!!!

Great to know!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  • 02-Nov-09

    Sweet1 Says:

    So cool, I'm bad a bows, so this seems better than even the 'fork' technique! Thanks for sharing!

  • 02-Nov-09

    Sweet1 Says:

    Cool technique, even better than the 'fork' technique.

  • 02-Nov-09

    CASBa Says:

    I am going to have to try this. I am horrible at making bows.

  • 02-Nov-09

    Crystal Is Leahs Mom Says:

    wow, I love this. Now I can make a bow without the fuss. cool

  • 01-Nov-09

    Vivi316 Says:

    I love this easy ribbon technique! Thank you

  • 01-Nov-09

    Tracy F Says:

    What a clever way to tie a ribbon!

  • 01-Nov-09

    Luvmyfam Says:

    This is awesome! It's gong into my favs.

  • 01-Nov-09

    Calamityjane Says:

    WOW!! I COULD NOT..repear could not..make a bow look like this before watching this video!! THANK YOU!

  • 31-Oct-09

    Castle Scrapper Says:

    I'm so glad I watched this - definitely going to try it!

  • 29-Oct-09

    MommaSaid Says:

    Well how clever is this?! I'm saving this gem of information in my faves. Thank you!

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