Some grunge Fun!

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Here I test out a tip that Tim Holtz told me about during a class I took with him. Check it out to see if he was right!

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I don't have a cuttlebug, so I'm going to try that in my Sizzix texture Boutique.

Grungeboard is very versatile!

can Cuttle Bug be used to cutting or is it just embossing?

wow that is way too cool!

Such a cool experiment. I had no clue that would work! Awesome.

More reasons to love Grunge Board! I've always bought the GB with the embossed patterns already on it. Hmmm.....maybe I "need" a Cuttlebug!!

That was a fun experiment. I did not know grunge board could do that. Grunge board is really magical. Thank you for sharing!

no cuttlebug :( I just finally got on the Cricut bandwagon LOL! Maybe someday

I never thought to use grungeboard in the cuttlebug!

Wow! Love the grungeboard and cuttlebug!

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  • 18-Feb-10

    ScrappyBibliophile Says:

    Thanks for showing me the grungeboard. I have never used it but since I have a Cuttlebug, I am going to try out some embossing tonight! Thanks for your tutorial.

  • 17-Feb-10

    PammiRCreations Says:

    I love any video about the cuttlebug.

  • 17-Feb-10

    ScrappininMemphis Says:

    I saw this the other day too. I think it's great that you can change your mind and get a different look. Way to go grungeboard!

  • 17-Feb-10

    Afilatreau Says:

    Wow! Love the grungeboard!! I need to try this for myself!

  • 17-Feb-10

    Blooberry56 Says:

    i havent messed with the grungeboard, but it looks super cool!!!!

  • 17-Feb-10

    Forevervampress Says:

    So cool! I just got a Cuttlebug and have a ton of grungeboard! WooHoo!

  • 16-Feb-10

    MommaSaid Says:

    Okay, now.... I!!! WANT!!!!!! I love grungeboard so much that this is AWESOME!!!!

  • 16-Feb-10

    Unknown Says:

    Now I have to find some plain grungeboard! ;)

  • 16-Feb-10

    Kariyava Says:

    I need some grungeboard.

  • 16-Feb-10

    Prazdance Says:

    WOW! Grunge Board! (eyes glazed over..)

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