Paper Bag Album

Submitted by: TheScrapbookSpeedway Date Added: 11-May-10

This is inspired by "pinkscrapper99". Be sure to visit her channel for more detailed instructions.

This is my very FIRST paper bag album and I really loved her idea! I thought I'd give it a go and YOU get to see my try it. Be sure to stay tuned: I will have follow up videos on tags/inserts, finished book and more tips and tricks!

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It looks cool. Can't wait to see how it turned out

I love the idea. Can you email me the instructions?

Paula, this is really cool!!! It was fun to actually "hear" you for once!!! :D Hope you are doing well!!!

I want to start a paper bag album right away! LOL

I'm not a fan of paperbag albums. They seem too flimsy to retain important memories.

that looks like a fun project! Tfs!!!!

I like your paper bag album. I tried going to like you suggested for more detailed instructions. i couldn't find anything on there. Once I'm there, where do I go? I also like your cutter. I've not seen one like that.

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