How to make your Cricut Mats Sticky & Reusable Again!!

Submitted by: TheScrapbookSpeedway Date Added: 04-Jan-10

NOTE: carries Aleene's Tack-It for $3.99.

Here is a video showing how I make my Cricut mats sticky and reusable again!
Thanks for watching!

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Ohhhhh great....I just bought another set of these!! I am going to have to put this in my faves and remember the glue name!! My cricut create came with I think 2 sets...but I have already gone thru half of the first one..going to try this!!! Thanks sooo much for your help!


Thanks so very much for this great tip!!!!

Great tip TFS

I wish I would of found this video 3 days ago I throuw away 2 of them :( But now I know Thank you very much :)

that is awesome! Thanks soooo much for sharing! I go through sooo many of the mats! Now I dont have to! TFS!!!

wow!!!! this is awesome!!! i spend lot's on the mats! this is what i'm going to do for now on! thanks a bunch for the tip!

Thank you so much for that money saving tip

ohhh wonderful. thank thank thank you.

Thank you so much for the video. It will certainly be helpful

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  • 06-Jan-10

    KCScrapDiva Says:

    Fantastic tip!

  • 05-Jan-10

    Jackie9635 Says:

    very useful. i just bought this glue recently to make glue dots :D

  • 05-Jan-10

    Rae_M Says:

    Awesome! TFS!

  • 05-Jan-10

    Hartledig Says:

    Ah, that's really good, will have to try that (if I can find similar glue in the UK) :D Better wishlist that glue.

  • 04-Jan-10

    SouthernHarmon Says:

    so much better then using spray glue! I find i over spray and I got to chisel it off ty for the tip :D

  • 04-Jan-10


    I have to try this as I have a few Cricut boards that are not sticky anymore. Thanks.

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