Xyron Creatopia - Patternz

Submitted by: Xryon Creatopia Date Added: 06-Oct-09

Learn how the Xyron Creatopia allows you to emboss thin materials up to 12" wide!

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I'm getting hooked on this machine. :)

can't wait for them to be available.

The components seem very easy to change.

I love that you can emboss a 12 x 12 piece of paper!

I love this set up....this is just terrific that you can emboss an entire 12 X 12 sheet with the crank of a handle!!!

Very cool!

This is so unique! I would love to emboss more, but don't really have the tolls!

I'd like to see the animal embossing pattern - it looks really cool!

This part of the Creatopia is the best of all. To be able to emboss 12" paper is awesome!

This is total heaven! To emboss 12 inches...yay!

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  • 13-Oct-09

    Rahulsmom Says:

    The embossing on a 12x12 paper is just great.

  • 13-Oct-09

    Xxsquigglesxx Says:

    Embossing looks like a great way to make scrapbook pages more detailed!

  • 13-Oct-09

    Unknown Says:

    Wow, now that is awesome!

  • 13-Oct-09

    Tina C Says:

    Look at all of the designs that are coming soon.

  • 12-Oct-09

    Mom2ashlynn Says:

    This is awesome!

  • 12-Oct-09

    Scrapcrazd Says:

    i really think I need to get one of these

  • 12-Oct-09

    Vmachef ANGELA Says:


  • 12-Oct-09

    Nancy Keslin Says:

    very kewl. love the huge embossing rollers.

  • 12-Oct-09

    LeslieLawter Says:

    Love it!! I have only ever embossed small sections of paper by hand. I would love to do entire 12X12 sheets.

  • 12-Oct-09

    MommaSaid Says:

    Having never embossed before, this looks a little intimidating and fun at the same time; but I can imagine great possibilities.

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