Signo - White Uni-ball Impact Pen

Submitted by: Date Added: 17-Feb-12 The Signo White Uni-ball Impact Pen is the perfect pen for doodling and journaling on your scrapbook layouts and paper projects. The pure white ink is acid free and comes out silky smooth. Use it to write on dark paper, cardstock, photos, or even over stamped surfaces. Ink does not skip or fade out when it dries.

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I have been loking for a pen to use on dark colors for my journaling. Can't wait for mine to arrive.

Hi! I have a question for anyone who can help ... I have purchased M*A*N*Y of these Signo White Gel pens over the past four years. Over time, beginning around two to three months from purchasing I have noticed that they "dry-up" pretty quickly. I have stored them as recommended and when I go to use them the tip is flaky and the gel will NOT flow smoothly. If I take the pen apart and blow gently into the tip of the shaft I can get the gel pen "restarted" ... however, after about three seconds of writing the gel flow goes dead again without the continual stream of air. In my experience if the pen is used right away from purchasing, it is an AWESOME pen ... but ... I feel this is a V*E*R*Y expensive pen to just "die-out" after a very short time. Please help if you can. Thanks, Dink

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