i-top in use. Fun ideas for Brads #3

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i-top Tops 'em all.
The i-top brad maker is surprisingly addicting! Make your own custom brads using snapshots, scrapbook papers, cloth, ribbon and any other thin paper memorabilia. In seconds you combine your "Topper" with a Brad Daddy Shell and then snap them into a Brad Daddy Base. Voila!

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I LOVE this family chore chart! Brings whimsy to this otherwise 'chore' list! I am going to try this!

Looks like I need to put this on my B-Day list or maybe for my Christmas wish list!!! Definately a must have!!!! Fun - Fun - Fun!!!

That's pretty cool.

Looks like this is another must have - so cute.

That is so cool, It's definitely on my wish list!

I didn't know it would work with fabric. Now I know it does and a tip for how to do it easily, too.

This looks so awesome!

I had wanted to see how this worked. I guess I'm the only one who does't really like it. Not something I would use.

Wow, this is an amazing tool!

This is such a great tool! The possibles for brad to match your lo's are endless! Definitely one of my next tool purchases!

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  • 14-Oct-09

    Castle Scrapper Says:

    Making brads out of photos is one of the coolest new things I've seen! I love her designs, I wish I could see them close up!

  • 14-Oct-09

    Bugglebum Says:

    This look slike so much fun. Seeing as brads are inexpensive, this might be a worthy tool to invest in.

  • 14-Oct-09

    Jackie9635 Says:

    oo wow this is pretty cool. i love it!

  • 13-Oct-09

    Calamityjane Says:

    This is really cool!! I'd love being able to make a brad to match whatever I'm working on, without having to run to the store.

  • 13-Oct-09

    Rahulsmom Says:

    Love the way they make the brads. Its probably going to be the next machine I buy,

  • 13-Oct-09

    Xxsquigglesxx Says:

    very cute idea!

  • 13-Oct-09

    Ande Says:

    WOW!!! Oh my gosh another tool I am feeling the need to have. LOVE it

  • 13-Oct-09

    Tina C Says:

    These videos sure convince me that I NEED this.

  • 12-Oct-09

    MaggieMom Says:

    First I thought I would want it, then I saw it and didn't think I would need it, but now seeing this video I'm coveting it. Love the idea of using photos and making magnets.

  • 12-Oct-09

    Flintridgescrapper Says:

    I didn't think this would be something I would be interested in until I saw this video. Neat tool!

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