Beginner Scrapbook Tutorials - Part 3 - From Boxes to Books

Submitted by: Date Added: 04-May-10 presents the third video in a series of videos geared toward beginning scrapbookers. This video shows how to effectively sort, protect, and store your pictures for your upcoming albums. In no time, you'll have quick and easy access to your hundreds and hundreds of photos!

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I absolutely love picasa from One word of caution, when engrossed in tweaking the picture it helps to go into 'File' and use the 'save as' feature to store the altered picture so the original stays unchanged.

I recently found lots of pictures that i do want to scrapbook. Since there is not much of a history, I hold punch a whole on the same corner of all the picture and i separate them by year/occasion, etc. and I gather them with a metallic 2 inch ring to keep them form getting out of order. This was easy, cheap and simple to do. I now have all my bundles in 1 photo box.

This is very ambitious. I'd have to take it all in steps.

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