Mother's Day Idea 3: Straw Flowers

Submitted by: Caking1961 Date Added: 10-Apr-09

Making daisies out of drinking straws is tedious but they turn out looking very pretty. for a medium sized flower I used 11 straws each flower. Related videos: Mother's Day Ideas 1: Personalized Bookmark Mother's Day Ideas 2: Gift Box

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Awesome Idea

That is so cool how you did the flowers. Absolutely love it, I am definately going to do this. Thank You

I love this video, the way you made the flower - and the great music in the background. Would you please kindly tell me where you got this music. I have searched on I-Tunes and Amazon for the band "Disagree" or the music "crumbs" but I couldn't find anything. Would appreciate if you can give me more info. THANK YOU and I love your videos.

i gonna try the end result

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