Santa's Little Helpers 2 ( Christmas Kids)

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kids talking about christmas stuff. funny video by This one is from 2009

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awwwww how cute

They couldn't be any more adorable!

Precious! Thank you..........

That fun Merry Christmas to you and your family. May this year bring all of you wished lot of things you want.

"joker lost a leg" bahahahah! and i do not smell :P

the children are so cute and thanks for the share happy new year to you Jill and to your staf

LOL....Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. May this year bring all u wished for and more!!!

this video is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing the children with us this made me smile and think of my children when they were this age . so cute

That was fun to watch....what a great idea to do. Thank you.

absolutely enjoyable video!!! Thanks for sharing your kids with us!

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  • 24-Dec-09

    Zelfine Says:

    I loved this so much I've watched 4 times. I miss my kids so much but you made a great Christmas eve. Thanks so much.

  • 24-Dec-09

    Fliss Says:

    Thank you for sharing your 'family' video - all of your children will have the best ever Christmas. Their answers brought tears of joy to my eyes. Merry Scrapbooking Christmas from Scotland, UK to one and all.

  • 24-Dec-09

    LorraineB Says:

    Made me smile and the Jingle Bell song just took me right over the edge - LOL. They were all so cute!! Merry Christmas.

  • 16-Dec-09

    Sweetscully Says:

    that is the cutist thing i ever saw i loved the part when the little boy said that a bike was going to be in his stocking so cool

  • 15-Dec-09

    Oleladydevine Says:

    The children in this video are so cute. I loved the answer that reindeer eat granola bars and the Jingle Bell song. Thanks for sharing .

  • 11-Dec-09

    Candirn99 Says:

    This is way to precious. I miss having little ones around my house.. Merry christmas to all..

  • 11-Dec-09

    Mojosmaddy Says:

    This was adorable! I totally loved the Jingle bell song! Thanks for the Christmas Cheer!

  • 10-Dec-09

    Kentuckianna Belle Says:

    So cute. Love the sweet voices and some of these answers are priceless.

  • 07-Dec-09

    Pharmgirl Says:

    oh my gosh! this was soooo great! what cuties!

  • 07-Dec-09

    Sweetscully Says:


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